An Easier, More Comfortable Plantar Wart Treatment

Are warts on your feet leaving you embarrassed and frustrated? Do you want to remove them, but dread the pain, inconvenience, and low effectiveness of many common forms of treatment?

We fully understand, and that’s why we’re excited to be one of very few practices in the region to provide a much better way to treat plantar warts! It’s called Swift, and it fully changes the way we approach this condition.

What is Swift?

Swift is a revolutionary, FDA-approved treatment system that has proven itself highly effective in removing plantar warts. In fact, it’s not just a treatment for warts – it’s a cure!

Instead of using burning, freezing, or acids, Swift sends a low dosage of microwaves into the upper layers of the skin for 2-3 seconds, using a specialized and completely non-invasive wand. This creates a very minor disruption that calls the attention of the immune system, which rushes to the area and destroys the underlying infection.

In other words, whereas other treatments attack plantar warts from the outside, Swift does so naturally from the inside.

Why Swift is Better

The benefits of Swift, compared to other wart removal treatments, are many:

  • Much less pain. If any pain is felt, it is only during the 2-3 seconds of application. Patients often describe it like the poke of a needle, and it vanishes entirely once the application is over.
  • Faster. A Swift session takes about 10 minutes, and 2-4 sessions are typically recommended overall.
  • No aftercare. After a session, you can get on with your day as normal! 
  • No damage to healthy skin. Swift does not hurt normal skin like cutting, freezing, or burning does.
  • High success rate. More than 85% of plantar wart cases are effectively resolved – and the warts very rarely return!
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Say Farewell to Warts on Your Feet

Swift is a superior alternative to other plantar wart treatments in a majority of cases. We highly recommend it for all ages, including children.

Starting treatment as soon as possible will not only help you get the results you need sooner, but also reduce the risk of your warts spreading or worsening in the meantime.

Contact Dr. Richer and the staff of Foot, Ankle, & Leg Center today to take the first step toward better plantar wart removal! Call us at (480) 629-5903 or fill out our online contact form to schedule an appointment.

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